Friday, July 04, 2008

An unfortunate turn of events

I had never had this happen to me before. Here I was, knitting along, thinking everything was fine, and it was not.

I was very surprised to see this. The knitting version of the "cosmic slap." The moment has long since passed, but, it's part of the story.

I am following the silk camisole pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I am using Hempathy to make it. I didn't choose this pattern becuase I am in love with it- and the picture in the book is rather "unfortunate." I chose to knit this based on the fact that I had the correct material, and I wanted to try the hemp.

Of course I am modifying the pattern to make it more "wear-able." Of course, I don't have an "extra" skein. So, I can either stop the mods, or scour the internet.

It calls for I-cord straps over four stitches. There's no way I would wear that, or if I did, my bra straps would be hanging out. Despite current fashion trends, I am not a fan. Sure I could go with a strapless undergarment, but that seems like too much trouble for this simple, summer tank. I guess I could use it for lounge-wear, but I don't have much need for that. I have already lengthened it, and made the "v" a little higher, I don't know how far my last dwindling skein will go : (

I haven't been stung too many times for making alterations (that always use up more yarn) without buying more yarn. So, I am overdue.

Here's the tank-in-progress before I split for the v-neck.

I have an idea, I can just set it aside, work on all sorts of other projects and maybe it will fix itself : ) Now that's "Wishful" Knitting.

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Shauna said...

Interesting..! A curious conundrum!! You'll have to tell me more of what's going on here...!
Ro Ro