Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This Girl Can Knit!

This post is about my friend- I wanted her family to see the proof- this girl can knit! People, let me tell you, my friend S decided she wanted to learn to knit. I only had to show her the basics and off she went. (We had a few phone conversations, and luckily I live close by, so there were home visits- which were all fun...she is, after all, the hostess with the mostess.) Her first sweater is a lacy little cardi for her adorable daughter. The pattern is available on the Lion Brand website and I think the yarn was their cotton blend in the color Berry. It only took a couple skeins.

Her daughter, was a little hesitant to wear it. (In this pic the ends hadn't been woven in, but the little munchkin wasn't bothered by that, she didn't want to wear it because it didn't have princess buttons, or some similar, very valid reason : )

And my friend knitted a little toy for her munchkin- the pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I think this is the first project we made- we did a knit-along. She learned all the basics- increasing, decreasing, etc.

Here's the beautiful sweater.

Here's my daughter modeling it for us.

And, I just realized that we don't have any pics of her little one, and well, what would be the point for a granny to visit a site if it didn't have any pics of her littlest Tinkerbell????

I think the shoes make the outfit, don't you?

Not only that, but she is a whiz at Amigurumi too!

S has been hosting the weekly SnB- and it's an event. It is a funfest- she makes iced coffee (yum) and there's a candy bucket and we stay up knitting until....well, until WAY TOO LATE! It's a blast.

P.S. I believe my friend mentioned something about a sister who was going to have to kiss her feet because she didn't believe she could knit? Oh, and I think that same sister is going to have to wear a sweater that S is making for her EVERY day! Wasn't that the deal???? Congrats on your knitting S- way to go!


nanny said...

What beautiful work (and models.) I am inspired and have been busily knitting, knitting, knitting. S is my heroine. What a knitter! Miss seeing you all, the coffee and the munchies.

mimi and papa said...

Love the style and color of the sweater for the wee one. S is truly a quick study and credit to the instructor who inspires the creative juices to flow. I am impressed Miss "S"-- as I'm sure your sis will be when she receives her sweater for daily wear.

amanda said...

adorable! love the sweater your daughter is modeling - perfect for a little girl!