Friday, February 05, 2010

The Great Cardigan Conundrum.....

This cardigan has been giving me GRIEF! (The alternate title to this post could be "Never knit any project that promises to be simple, fast, or quick.")

In the beginning, I let H pick out the colors...I am not crazy about the very pale rose, but, it was her choice. When reading about the pattern, several folks said the sleeves ran small- so I increased the size and knit along happily.

Alas, it was too small, and a sleeve with no ease looks ridiculous! By then, I had also finished the yoke because at this point I was excited about doing some color work. I liked this initial arrangement of colors on the yoke, but did I write down the sequence? Heavens no! Why, I was going to remember it, of course! Friends and dear ones tried to convince me to finish it up at this point and give it to my younger daughter- the sleeves would fit. I thought I could, but in the end, I wanted to fix it.

Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit........the first of many dips in the frog pond.

Then, I re-knit the sleeves a larger size. Problem solved! Now, how did that yoke section go????? I tried this one:

and I didn't like it. Then I tried maybe 4 more versions???? (I just could not bring myself to photograph them all.)

Finally, I ended up with this one. So, at this point, we are in decent shape, right?

Well, not exactly. You see, there is this problem....

The pattern calls for ribbing along the button's not so great! At first, I thought I could solve the problem of the shrinking edges of the ribbing by picking up more stitches- this, I reasoned, would make the button band thicker and counteract the dreadful appearance....not so much.

I also don't like the way it looks along the top, either.

Of course, I wove in the ends already....I would like to just keep knitting....I could be done this weekend. I only have the other side of the button band to knit. I even have button "stand ins" already- but I don't really like those, either. They are pale pink and the saleslady rushed me into choosing them. I only bought them to use until my USA scout finds heart-shaped ones. When the real buttons arrive, I can simply change them. Maybe I should forge ahead and finish with the weird button band, or maybe I should just ball this whole thing up and hide it in a distant corner of my freezing cold basement......what to do, what to do.

The other less than pleasant aspect is that I am already finished with 3/4 of another one of these....for my youngest daughter. The colors are different- they kind of coordinate- which is what the girls were trying to achieve....UGH!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Knitty,
The colors are great,,,,what? You don't like them? The sweater looks wonderful. Flaws in your eyes....minor in the eyes of a flegdling knitter. (Also hard to see on a fast moving wearer.) Buttons soon to be on the way. They'll make all the difference, tee-hee!

Glad to see you knockin off your inspiration. Although I did get a new knit book.

Keep the fingers flying!!!!