Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sam's Cabled Vest....

The Ravelympics (trying to knit a sweater in 2 weeks, which starts at 3 am local time tonight) has spurred me to finish off several long-languishing projects and to tie up some loose ends, if you will : )

It has been my goal to make a garment for my nephew. There have been a couple of hats, but I wanted something more substantial for him. I don't know if the little fellow was ever able to wear the baby bunting I made for him- his size was a little "healthier" than I had anticipated, so if it fit at all, it was probably for about 10 minutes.

Enter the cabled vest:

Moose seemed like a good model- I don't care for those pictures with creepy-looking dolls in them.

The cables seem to allow for more stretch in the middle- just where a little one might need it if he had a bit of a Buddha belly...

The pattern is on the PurlSoho blog, and it is VERY well-written. I don't think I have ever knit such a thorough pattern before. It knitted up pretty quickly. I learned a new technique- knitting without a cable needle- as seen in pics on Grumperina's blog. If I hadn't, I think it would have taken me until Sam's 5th birthday to finish it. This project was a nice combination of easy+interesting=perfect :)

The yarn is a merino, machine-washable from our local store here in Oderzo, Italy. I got the buttons in Sacile. I modified the pattern to make it larger by using bigger needles and I made it a little longer to try to ensure good coverage- we'll see!

My lovely assistants- they always think it's so fun to go outside in their socks...I guess it's the little things in life that make it fun.

No animals were harmed in these pictures.

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nanny said...

Beautiful! The sweater looks great. I have a friend with a new grandson, and if the pattern isn't too hard, I'd almost want to give it a shot ( I like making cables.) The sweater will be a favorite I am sure. Our little Vannas did a great job with the presentaion as well as Moose.