Saturday, May 29, 2010

Simple Things Shawlette...

This was a quick little knit. It was great to watch the colors ebb and flow. I don't mind the pooling a bit. I think this colorway is called Sophie, but I would have called it "think spring!" My handy helper is always ready to help with the drying and blocking process- she loves it.

It's probably time to buy some blocking wires and maybe a board- but the bed works for now. I just have to ensure it's dry by bedtime! (Oh, and I have to keep my furry friend off the bed as well during these drying times.)

This photo shows my only modification of the pattern, I added more rows of garter stitch at the end to use up the yarn. I didn't have enough left for another repeat of the eyelet section, but I wanted to finish the skein. Plus, I thought the extra rows would be additional anti-roll protection : )

The fabric has a nice drape- it seems like I will get use out of this when the weather gets chilly. I suppose time will tell, but The Truth Is.....I just like seeing it around the house. To further my knowledge of how yarns are dyed- this one is very short runs of colors- like 3 inches each.

Pattern: Simple Things Shawlette
Yarn: Socks that Rock, Lightweight, 100% merino
Needles: size 6
mods: added a few extra garter rows at the end


Shauna said...

i love your shawlie wallie! ummm...i would actually like one!

nanny said...

Great colors..lovely!