Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Smooshy.....roll-y knits

From what I can tell, my current shawlette/scarf passion started for two reasons:

1.) a giant "leftover" ball of fairly expensive yarn
2.) my current favorite scarf is showing some serious signs of wear

These 2 factors have converged and my knitting craze has aggrandized.

I never paid much attention to shawls because I have never worn one draped over my shoulders in the traditional sense. I do, however, wear little scarves around my neck frequently when I have a little chill. So a small shawlette would be perfect.

The leftover yarn was a ball of Dream in Color Smooshy. I made fingerless mitts out of this yarn and still had a ginormous amount leftover. I should check the yardage on the skein- it must be like 1,000 yards : ) Anyway, this extra ball of yarn was hanging out downstairs on the table daring me to use it in some way.

I'll save the discussion about my ancient scarf and it's signs of wear for another time perhaps.

So, off to Ravelry I went to find a pattern- and I came up with this one. This free pattern seemed like a good place to launch my new fad. I knitted along quickly, and although I was concerned about the "rolling" of all the stockinette portions of the shawl, I knitted on.

The featured picture on the pattern showed eyelets along the edges. Being new to shawl knitting, I figured they must be added at the end to deter the roll. Knitting, knitting, knitting along until I reached the bind off- and there was no more information forthcoming about the eyelets. I researched a new bind off for lace and chose the k1, k1, then k2tog for this one.

The next thing I knew, I was being told to block it. There were no directions about the edging, and my shawl did not look like the one in the pattern. I figured I must have done something wrong, and reviewed my work and that of others on Ravelry. Nope, I think I did it according to the pattern, but a few shawls looked different. I e-mailed the designer who informed me that the featured picture had some modifications that were not in the pattern- but she assured me that in her experience the shawl did not roll.

What a new experience, to knit something, follow the pattern, and have it not match the picture on the pattern. I will say it was irksome. Oh well, it was a free pattern after all. Knit at your own risk, so to speak.

It rolls like crazy from both ends, but it doesn't matter much as I wear it bunched up around my neck anyway.

This shawl has also started me thinking about color options in yarn. I haven't worked with yarns of color all that much. So, this coloring was kind of like a "smattering" of color here and there and resulted in patchy colored bits. It's okay, it's just a hint of color.

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