Thursday, May 27, 2010

So, the scarf saga continues....

Well, as I said before, my favorite little scarf is starting to show it's age : ( There are pinpoint holes, and the ends are beginning to fray.

I started searching around Italy to see if I could find a similar scarf at one of the markets. What I learned about myself is that I really had no idea what actual specific colors were in the scarf- so I started taking it everywhere I went to try and find something similar. I didn't have any luck- and then I had an idea. I had heard of custom-dyed yarns, so I could send it off and see if someone could re-create the colorway with yarn. Then I had another idea....surely this colorway already exists....somewhere.

So, I headed to the Blue Moon Fiber Arts website to have a look. Their colors are amazing and wonderful! I decided to give myself a little Mother's Day present and I splurged on 4 skeins!

After I made Azzu's Shawl with merino, it was a little itchy. I had an "OH NO!" moment, when I imagined the Socks that Rock Lightweight yarn might be itchy as well- but that was, alas and unfounded fear. Three out of the four colorways listed were an attempt to match up and one is clearly just for fun- who am I kidding, they're all fun! The colorways are- Sophie, Peaseblossom, Goody Goody and Pink Granite.

Here's the scarf- the black lines are not on the scarf, that's the back of the chair coming through.

Here's how they lined up.

And here's the winner....maybe? Now, off to knit like the wind. I am knitting several small shawls to see which pattern is my favorite. Then I will use the Peaseblossom yarn. At first I thought I wanted something with some open work, and then I thought I might like something more solid. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.

This new shawl knititng has blossomed into a new love! I am forcing myself to knit the three patterns I purchased before purchasing any additional patterns : ) Oh, I won't even mention the new yarn- hey, it was a gift certificate, so it doesn't count, right?

Once, when My Man and I were chatting about spending money, I mentioned that although I am not a "shopper" per se, I do buy yarn. And he said, "Well that doesn't really count because you make useful things with it." Yep, he's wonderful!

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