Monday, May 10, 2010

Storm Cloud Shawlette

This project was in the boot of the car for a long time. I had it stashed back there so I always had some knitting with me. As it turns out, it's an excellent idea for me- I was able to work on it quite a bit.

I had ordered this yarn a while back from Knitpicks. I got 2 different colors and I was going to make the chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. But, once I started knitting, I didn't like how it looked, so this yarn has been hanging out in my stash for a while.

Even though I like these colors, I don't wear these colors and I don't think they look great on me. Since I realized this mid-knit, I only used one skein of the 2 I had. So, it's very short, which is fine since I don't wear shawls, but I do frequently wear little scarves.

It's the perfect size for a 4-year-old!

But would look ridiculous on me draped out like that. This photo brings me to the second thing that I don't love about this shawlette- it's too "holey." I suppose I should have used smaller needles- the stitch is a dropped garter stitch, so it's really stretchy and loose. This coupled with a too large needle= holey. You can see part of it was pulled out of shape- it's there on my shoulder. I think the dog's toe got stuck in it. This is the same principle that stops me from making lace baby blankets- because I can't bear to think of their little fingers tangled up in yarn. This has also stopped me from knitting the ever-popular Clapotis.

All this being said, I wear it here and there. It's a cute pattern and deserves another chance!

Yarn: Knitpicks Essential Multi
Needles: size 9
Pattern: Storm Cloud Shawlette
Rav link: Storm Cloud

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nanny said...

I know I commented on this, but where.......?

Beautiful colors, quite cheerful. Love it as a shawl and a scarf. Little one looking so grown up! I might be able to knit this one.