Thursday, May 13, 2010

Z's Driving Thru....

This is my favorite picture for the moment. Since there are 2 little gals in my life, there are frequently 2 very similar knitted items : )

I am so happy that she wound up choosing her own colors. Originally my little Z-bomb wanted the same color scheme as her sister. I was not intrigued by the idea of knitting 2 nearly identical sweaters, but I would have done so if needed, of course.

I think the swinging point came when I told her the name of the purplish colorway- yep, it's called Fairy Tale.

She loves it and so do I.

Pattern: Drive-Thru by Wendy Bernard
Yarn: Knitpicks: Wool of the Andes
Size: 6
Mods: Made the sleeve circumference larger


nanny said...

Cute model, yummy sweater with delightful colors. Half-pint has a flair. Where did you ever find tights to match? The pictures just made me happy. I am amazed how you can just crank out the most wonderful projects while some knitters forgot how to cast on. Of course, the books are all wonderfully illustrated.

Shauna said...

SUPER ADORRRRRRABLE! Chile and sweater! Glad she picked her colors too!

You are a prolific knitter extraordinaire!! Brilliant!