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Round and around again..

I hereby swear I will never knit with Karabella Aurora 8 again. Even though it is soft and wonderful, it can be hateful when it comes to gauge. I think I said earlier that the gauge really changed after it was washed. What I should have done was to wash all the yarn and then re-knit the gauge swatch and then knit the sweater. (Who thinks that sounds like fun???) What I tried to do (and failed) was to knit the gauge swatch, then calculate how much bigger the swatch became after washing, then make the size that would fit AFTER washing. The opposite of shrink-to-fit. Uh, yeah, not so much. The sweater was just too small.

I decided to frog it and start over. It wasn't fun to have all that kinky weird yarn. Then I gave the yarn a bath, and with the trusty help of my two elves, dried the hanks. Now, re-knitting the sweater bigger, I think I am going to run out of yarn! Lovely. By the way, I didn't re-do the sleeves even though every OCD bone in my body wanted to. So, there they are, in a tighter gauge, and then a looser gauge at the top. I don't care who notices, not that anyone will, I want to be done. I will go as far as I can and then see about getting more yarn. My lovely sister has already checked the store way back in Seattle and they don't have anymore. Of course, I would consider knitting a shawl/scarf thing with aurora 8- it's soo soft and wonderful....


nanny said…
Now, now, here, you know you will knit again with aurora. The sweater is beautiful and your first time with this yarn, so next time you'll figure better. It is a beautiful sweater and I love the yarn. Jump the Ultimate Dog Show is in Cleveland today. All the dogs are recues mostly mixed, They are amazing...I watched a little of their show. I am getting ready to go out into the snow to see just how cold it is. I think I need a knit cowl. That looked like something I could do. Please send me the 411. Ciao! Nonnah
Nonna- not to worry about the cowl, I have a plan- look at you sneaky sneaky over here.....can't sleep, eh? The dog show sounds fab- are you that bored or what? I thought you were going to say that you were getting ready to get a dog! Ciao!

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