Friday, May 07, 2010

Fonzie's Cowl...

Well, I was cold!

It seemed like a good idea- I mean I frequently wear a scarf inside!

It makes sense. It's practical.

Cowls are IN. It's a good use of small amounts of yarn.

It keeps me matter what the excuse, my friend Stacy put it best when she SHOUTED (in public), "IT'S A DICKEY!" followed by peals of laughter!

The good news is that my daughter H loves she'll happily wear it around the house. Fashion is so much more forgiving for a kid : ) Drat.

Specs: I don't think they matter much : P

Also, H thinks this also makes a perfect hat!!!


nanny said...

Nice, very nice as Richard always says. The colors in the scarf are great. They are lovely and a little shimmery looking. Fortunately the little knittys will fit someone and some better than others. Bowser looks pretty good in the chatowl, however, I also think it looks rather smart as a fluted hat reminiscent of orthodox monks. Either way the projects are fun and useful? and make for good conversation. Such lovely little models. Very cute to see.

Keep knitting and knocking off the projects.

Shauna said...

I'm SO BEHIND in your pots!! Posts!! Cuute Cowl!